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What my guests have to say...

Dan Butler
Incredible work.  Great information on this kind of sculpture--I've bookmarked your website.
(Dan Butler,Santa Fe, NM.  certified instructor Assoc. Lifecasters International).

Mark M.
Guy!! you are fantastic! i went to see your web side again and are brilliant! :)
ps. say hi to everybody

Sandy M.
I love the site. You are very talented.
I can tell that you enjoy your job, it shows in your work.
Keep going and don't forget the little people.

Alex Lefebvre
Wow, I saw you Guy!

James L.
Hello Mr.Louis,
saw your web site for the first time this morning, and I am TOTALLY impressed, I have been displaying military uniforms on mannequinnes for some time, but the department store types dont carry the militart feel, your work is a beautyful art form, keep up the work. I would love to get one of your sculptures.

Roger et Thérèse L
On est bien chanceux d'avoir une vedette comme voisin.
Joyeux Noël et bonne Année Guy et Denise !

Luciana E
Hello, Guy.
I checked out your website. I really liked it. The silicone faces are incredible. I've also given the address to some of my friends, and they are really impressed.
Anyways, I hope to hear from you soon
=) Luciana

Allen R
The eyes are very realistic - quite impressive!

Erin W
Hi Guy!
I saw your sculptures! Beautiful! That is so amazing. It must take you a long time to make one.

Mark R.
As always, stupendous looking work!

Nicole et Michel
Salut Guy,
Félicitations pour tes oeuvres!  C'est super! Ton site est également très intéressant!
N'hésite pas à nous envoyer des nouvelles de façon régulière.
Nicole et Michel

Tom Savini
You stuff is gorgeous. Do you have any printed material?

Wow Guy it is so very exellent.
Love from the cow.x

Rocco  M
All I can say is that your work isincredible.  So life like, the eyes look like they are ready to blink. They look wet with tears. They seem to follow you.  Being a self taught pencil portrait artist myself, your work can inspire.  I would like to try my hand at sculpting. Maybe you can teach me.
Best of Luck and regards,

Bonjour Guy,
Je suis très impressionné par ton travail. Hey! Tu as un excellent site web aussi. J'espère avoir l'occasion de travailler avec toi dans le futur.
Bonne chance!

Dan Spector
So, Mme. Tussaud has a son.

Real Boucher
I'm impress
Barry Atkinson

Awesome!! Amazing as usual!!!   Barry

Denis Louis-Seize

Jim Ryan,
I went to your site and was very impressed by your work. I am not a professional model maker,I am an art director who sculpts heads in resin at home, just for myself. I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your site, it's informative, interesting and easy

My niece told me about your work and invited me to visit your site, and I think it is very interesting.
Karina (Luciana's aunt)

Brian Tychie
Thanks for pointing me to your website, Guy. It is a great site with more info than I ever expected to find.

Chantal G
Salut Guy ,
Just un petit mot pour te feliciter sur ton travail extraordinair tu a vraiment un cadeau.  Mon petit frere te felicite aussi car il a regarder ta page web. Je vais faire sure de y retourner pour voir les changement que tu va faire dans le future.  j'aimerais te remercier pour tous tes conseil de maquillageque tu ma donner "i think it payed off"
Aurevoir Guy

Patrick  W
You create impressive work.I am a sculptor of life size figures and have been welding my inner frames. A poseable frame would be wonderful. If you could give me any info about this it would be greatly appreciated.You can check out my work at

Salut guyguine!!
Impressionnante ta page web!  Félicitations.  Et, encore merci pour ta visite.  J'espère que nous aurons l'occasion de se revoir bientôt!
Nic XX

Jackie B
Hi Guy.
I finally got around to visiting your website.  It looks great.  The photos are very clear.  Congratulations .  I enjoyed the virtual tour!

Jack Tremblay
Highly realistic, one photo I was looking at actually stared
back, well heck,it even looked like me!!!!!

I see that your at hard work on your page. Nice job and nice Museum Mannequins

Chris N
Hi Guy!
Great pictures. your website is very easy to navigate. Did you do it yourself? seeyou soon!

Mark Reid
like, what a totally cool website, man! ( as some people would say ) Very nicely done, young man, and you've certainly provided a lot of solid info about the types of mannequins which you can provide. I think the text on the CWM " stuff " sounds better in your own words and comes across better that way. Good job! The "Scottish" is now fully equipped and simply awaits your final posing.

(this very first signing is from my lovely wife)
Fri, 14 Apr 2000
C'est fantastique tout ce que tu as accompli sur ton site Web.
Félicitations! BRAVO!!! À cesoir!
Any questions? please E-mail me at Email me