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All photographs are of real injuries... (just kidding) it's all done with make-up and stage blood...
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    Burn Effect: Gel Appliance      Scars: Colodion & a gold tooth
                    Make-up test                                    Feature Film "Two's  a Mob"

  Stitches: Colodion & Wax             Slashed wrist: Colodion & Latex
                Make-up test                                                         Makeup test

  Gun shot: Wax & Blood paste         Blade Runner?: Fake razor blade (D'huh)
  Feature film "Through Golden Fields"                        Make-up test

   Victim: Wax & stage blood        Amputated Finger: Silicone finger
       Feature Film "Two's a Mob"                                        Film Prop test

Throat slash "Posers"          Bad Kiney surgery

Throat slash: Gelatin appliance    Bad Kidney surgery: Silcone appliance
    Feature Film "Posers"                                Television special "Urban Legends: told as true" 

 Feature Films...

"The Random Factor"
"River Rats"
"Two' a Mob"
"Through Golden Fields"
"Urban Legends: told as true"
"Punch & Judy"

... and numerous short films and videos.

Photographs by: Guy Louis-XVI SFX ©

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