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Silicone Faces... Limited Run Sculptures

from Louis-XVI SFX

Incredible art pieces for you to own!

Finally, after much demand, these highly sought after facial castings
are now available.

Looks so realistic, it's the next best thing to real human skin!!!
You will be amazed with these unique masterpieces,
It's simply the ultimate in realism.

Every part of the sculpture is hand-crafted by the artist himself

(Want to see closer? Click on image)
(Framed wall mount version shown)
frame eye " Curiosus"
What is "Curiosus"
Sorry... "Curiosus" is now retired and no longer in production
This sculpture, called "Curiosus" Latin for Curious, is an actual casting of myself.
Why Curiosus? ... wouldn't you be?
This is one to marvel, one just looks at this creation and wonders, "... what is he thinking of? what is he looking at?..."
Of course one may also forget that it's a fascinating sculpture.
Set in a rich oak desktop shadowbox with DenGlass©. Approx. size, 5" X 7" x 1½".
Also available in wall mounted shadowbox frames. Approx. size, 6½" X 8½" X 3½".
Frames style may not be exact as shown, due to availability.

Stéphanie at 15 "Stéphanie"
(Want to see closer? Click on image)

Sorry... "Stéphanie" is now retired and no longer in production
This sculpture is called "Stéphanie" at 15. Why Stéphanie at 15?
Because she was 15 years old at the time of casting.
This innocent beauty is caressed by a beautiful deep burgundy satin veil, complementing her lovely white skin, gorgeous green eyes and locks of her light brown and blond hair... she just comes alive!
With an aged golden frame, this shadowbox with DenGlass© is approx. 14" X 11" X 3½".
Frames style may not be exact as shown, due to availability.

James "The Construction Worker"
( Click on image for more detail)

Sorry... "James" is now retired and no longer in production
This is our famous "James".
Dressed in his winter work clothes, this cold, tired, middle-aged Construction Worker comes in from the freezing cold to warm-up to a much needed midmorning break.
Full-size mannequin with Hi-Tech Silicone skinned head, resin hands and FPM Body, includes accessories.

Still to come... more Silicone Faces© Art
I have a whole new collection being cast at this moment. Visit me soon...Guy

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Limited run, minimum being as little as 5 pieces and at a maximum of 50.
All sculptures are cast in translucent silicone for the utmost realism with "hand punched" eyebrows and eyelashes. The eyes are hand painted and color matched to the model. The skin is meticulously painted to match the model's actual skin tone. Every detail is painstakingly recreated to achieve the highest realism you would expect from a Special Effects Make-up Artist ...
price list for silicone pieces

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"Curiosus" , curious, fascinated, intrigued with the world around me… finding myself looking out from my little world onto yours.
People are afraid to look, to gaze, to absorb what they are seeing… they sometimes wish they could stare at other people’s face to study what nature has graced them with.
It could be that smile, those eyes, that nose… every part that makes us human, right down to those weathered marks time has given us.
We want to look, we want to say "…may I?, may I gaze onto your appearance that makes you what you are?, may I see what God has graciously bestowed upon you… to see what the ravages of time has eroded unto your face. Call them wrinkles, call them laugh lines, they may not even be there, for time has just begun for you…"
The beauty that all faces holds is a treasure that must be seen and cherished.
These so called wrinkles that we dread, must be looked at in awe, to wonder how and why they get there. Those beautiful eyes of yours, why are they that color and may I have them… and that skin, such an amazing color and texture.
This piece gives you a chance to look at me, the same way I may look at you…

Guy Louis-XVI © 2001

Photographs by: Guy Louis-XVI SFX ©

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