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The finishing...

Finishing the cast comes from years of practice. Basically what I use is acrylic paints. The colors are applied by airbrush in layer to create the skin tone, starting with the lightest colors and finishing off with reds and blues. I sometimes use up to 10 different colors to achieve a "Caucasian flesh tone" (photo - 16)
Here we see Bill slowly transforming. The eyes has been color matched to what the client felt was Bill's color, which is a light blue (photo - 17).

  Photo - 16                                                          Photo - 17

CH William Leonard

After carefully positioning the wig on Bill's sculpture, I then finish-off with the eyebrows and eyelashes (photo - 18).

Photo - 18

The result...

Here again are the photographs of CH William Leonard

"... it was a pleasure working with you. Thanks for your patience.
Everyone that has seen the figures think they are incredible.
You did a bang-up job!..."
                        Marcia McManus
                                Curator, US Army Chaplain Museum

To see the real Bill morph into the sculpture,
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You will need Quicktime or simular

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