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We are always looking for models...

 We are currently up-dating our model database    
If you are from the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area, you could be a candidate...

Who are we looking for?... anyone!
Anyone can be a model... any age... male... female... nationality.... you name it!..

If you are in good health, non claustrophobic (afraid of close confined areas) you could be our next model to be immortalized in a museum.

Not only does the chosen candidate get immortalized, but we also pay a sitting fee $$$...

If you are interested in becoming part of our database, please send a recent close-up photo (head shot if possible) and statistics (name, address, telephone number, height, size, nationality...) to:

2137 Hubbard Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario.
K1J 6L3

Questions or comments? E-mail me at: Email me

This is a family oriented web site
Please do NOT send adult oriented material

All submissions sent, are kept in strict confidence and are NOT sold or given out to anyone. We are a professional company and this is how we get such beautiful and unique mannequins, from people who trust our confidence in keeping their identity private, we only use their first name to personalize the mannequins.  Submissions from people under 18 years old must  be accompanied by written consent from a  legal guardian.  All mannequins casted become property of the client who commissions the work. All photographs taken by  Guy Louis-XVI become property of Louis-XVI SFX and will be used for the sole purpose of advertising my work.

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