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Along with museums and art galleries,  private collectors and individuals have the benefit of owning an original Louis-XVI mannequin.
All pieces are dated, numbered, registered, and signed by the artist.

Owning your own mannequin

Be Immortalized...  and have a duplicate of yourself frozen in time ...! We can even create a bust or a mannequin of your loved one for your own private display!

 If you wish, we can install the mannequin for you, ask for detail...

To commission a mannequin is easy.
Simply write to us at:


we do not collect e-mail for soliciting nor do we sell e-mail addresses to third parties.

Please send us a breif description of your requirements, such as;
 - male or female,
 - race,
 - age,
 - hair color and style,
 - eye color,
 - type of look required and era (What year or century?).

 - Would it be:
 -  HiRealism,
 -  monochromic (single color),
 - bronze bust or a statue.

  - Will it be a FPM model? (Fully Posable Mannequin frame) or a full body casting?

Maybe a short scenario of your mannequin...
- is it of  "yourself" in the 1950's or today?
- is she a young 26 year old Italian peasant girl from the 1600's
- is he a 35 year old upper middle class British soldier from the 1900's...
- or simply a person standing there, looking out the window (my favorite, makes a great watch dog!)

- See example from Parks Canada (Click Here)

Clothing your mannequin

As for clothing, you may dress the mannequin yourself or, you may consider that we supply the outfit
for you. Whether it be a simple look, a full flowing evening gown, a 1940's zoot suit or any period
costume, our historical specialists can research and tailor the costume for you with incredible detail!, as we did with our "John Cabot" mannequin and the six monochromic mannequins created for the Ryan Premises National Historical Site, in Bonavista, Newfoundland, Canada, and for " Eric " for Parks Canada, just to name a few...

Coloring your mannequin

You may choose from HI-realism , Hi-Tech Silicone skin or monochromic (single color).
As a bronze or copper statue with patina if desired.

Structure description:

FPM ( Fully Posable Mannequin) body; lightweight steel frame with locking joints covered with Etha foam, fiberfill and a soft stretch cotton fabric. Standard in the museum industry approx. 35 lb (13 kg).

Full Body Casting (fixed in pre-determined position); strong fiber-glass reinforced plaster* shell, lightweight but strong, approximate weight, 65 lb. (30 kg). Used mainly as statues and stiffened fabric mannequins.

Bronze Bust (head and top of shoulders); lifecast or sculpted from photographs, finished in foundry bronze

Head and Hands Finish:

Hi-Realism Head and resin Hands; the head is made out of a fiber-glass reinforced plaster* shell with painted with colored washes to simulate a "skin" finish, the hands are cast in a translucent resin and painted with colored washes, all attached to a FPM body.

Hi-Realism Head and Hands on unfinished cast body; same as above except with a Fully Cast Body instead of a FPM body.

Completely detailed Hi-Realism full body casting; same as above except the Fully Cast Body is painted with colored washes to simulate a "skin" finish, used mainly with mannequins with minimal clothing.

Semi-Realism; the head is made out of a fiber-glass reinforced plaster* shell, painted a single color only, the hands are cast in resin painted a single color only. All is attached to a FPM body.

Monochromic mannequins; is a fiber-glass reinforced plaster* statue, painted in a single color only. Clothing is finished in fabric stiffener and acrylic. Can also be finished in foundry bronze.

Silicone Skinned Head and resin or silicone hands; the outside finished of the Head is in silicone, the inner core is a strong foam urethane, the hands are silicone or cast in a translucent resin and painted with colored washes, all attached to a FPM body.

Silicone Skinned body; full silicone finished and detailed statue, (NOT an adult doll)

Foundry Cast Bust; poured by a foundry, the lifecast or sculpture is finished in bronze, copper, brass, aluminum....

* technical name: Specially formulated resin plaster composite.
    Tensile strength: 3,600 - 5,100 (psi)
    Fire classification: class 1 25,45

Guy Louis-XVI SFX
2137 Hubbard Crescent,
Ottawa, Ontario.
K1J 6L3

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