The beautiful Hedy Lamarr

What can I say... she was a beautiful woman... and an inventor?
Well, yes, she and along with her co-inventor, musician George Antheil
invented the communication method known as Spread Spectrum transmission,
the original idea and patent that led to cellular phone technology...

Photo by Guy Louis-XVI SFX © 2002

She is photographed here the same way she will be displayed by her new owner.
Again, I speak of the mannequin's "Body Language", my Hedy Lamarr sculpture
is sitting in a relaxed position, any exaggeration from this and it would look like
a "stuffed rubber doll" and would ruin the illusion.
I say this because it is important  to properly install these mannequins, I also mention this in my installation instructions.
You really have to put the extra time in posing them because this is YOUR investment, you want to have as much realism as possible... so please, take your time.

If you feel that you are unable to install or pose your mannequin, please let me know so we can make arrangements for me to complete the installation for you, it would also be my pleasure!

Thank you for visiting my "Creating a Goddess" site.
I hope you found it informative and this gave you a glimpse on the techniques
used in creating my Silicone sculptures, Guy

I also wish to thank Brad, Joe and Clay, along with all the people at Smooth-On
for all their  great help and support.

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