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Who is Louis-XVI SFX? (Pronounced, Louis-16)

Established since 1987 in Ottawa, Canada, Louis-XVI SFX is a Special FX Make-up studio.
Guy Louis-XVI is also a Certified Airbrush Make-up Artist, specializing in all phases of make-up including Beauty, Reality (wounds and casualties), Theater make-up, Special FX & Props for the Film, Video, Print and Theater industries.
Since 1996, Guy as been well known in the museum industry for his Hi-Realism mannequins and Hi-Tech Silicone skinned mannequins.

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Beauty Make-up
Special F-X Make-up
Beauty make-up
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                       ( Not for the faint hearted...)
What are Hi-Realism mannequins?

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Finished in fiberglass reinforced plaster OR in our new Hi-Tech Silicone skins, our Mannequins Heads are Cast  from actual people or sculpted from photographs, but we go further than that! We choose our models very carefully. We feel that not only is the "look" and race important, we also try to incorporate ethnic background. It's like "auditioning" for a specific role in a film . If required, teeth are cast from the model, tongue and upper pallet positioned at an additional cost. The eyes are manufactured in-house and color matched to the model or to the required specifications. Hair and facial hair, if required, is color matched, hand laced and styled, by a professional wig maker. Hands are cast in a standard relaxed position, custom cast hands can also be created in a specific position at an additional cost. Hair, if needed, is applied after painting and detailing.

What are Semi-Realism mannequins?

Click on image for photo of Luc.

Semi-Realism mannequin, includes Head, Hands and FPM Frame. This type of mannequin is cast from human model for utmost realism. The finish is Monochromic (single color) with textured hair look, (unlike the Hi-Realism mannequins which has a painted "translucent skin", glass eyes and hair).

Advantages of Semi-Realism mannequin.
The greatest advantage with these mannequins is the ability to be UP_GRADED at a later date to a Hi-Realism mannequin status for an additional cost

What are Full Body Castings?
Basically, a full body casting consists of taking an impression of a human body in a predetermined position.
Dental casting material and plaster is applied on a model to take an impression, also called the mold. From these molds, a plaster based material and fiber glass is applied in a laminated fashion creating a hollow, hard shelled statue with an approximate weight of approximately 65 lbs.
For Monochromic mannequins, the mannequin is cast in the same fashion as a full body casting, dressed in appropriate, specially treated  garments then painted to specified color. The end result is a high quality monochromic, satin finished  hard shelled statue, when completely dressed weighs approximately 65lbs.
Advantages of full body casting:
The advantage with this type of mannequin is that, when used with stiffened garments, the natural muscle structure shows up with great detail.

Sculpting from photographs or sketches

Let us say you don't have a model... no problem, we can sculpt a mannequin from photographs with incredible detail!!
This is what a Special F-X studio does...
that is our job! this is what we do...

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